Childhood doesn’t last forever. The habits, smiles and games enjoyed at 7 years old change completely by the age of 8. Your child is growing, and capturing those precious moments, those immeasurable smiles on film will allow you to enjoy and share them forever.


What To Expect: Child Photography

Birthdays. The start or end of the school year. Activities (academics, arts, athletics). Religious occasions.

Anytime something special happens in your child’s life, or maybe ‘just because’, is a good time to invest in child photography. A professional photographer is able to artfully and masterfully capture your child in that exact age.

Imagine looking back on these pictures years from now. You’ll notice they had recently lost their front tooth (and inadvertently discovered something shocking about the Tooth Fairy), or that they’d been convinced a mullet was the optimal hair style. Perhaps they’d been going through a phase of only wearing purple, or been really into carrying around a stuffed moth.

These are the kinds of things which can be easily forgotten over the years, but provide the rich tapestry of life for you to reference long after the mullet has finally gone out of style, the moth has had the stuffing officially beaten out of it, or the Tooth Fairy has stopped visiting.

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As a photographer I also want to capture every moment of my three children’s lives. And I want them to be who they naturally are and be comfortable.

That’s why I suggest you speak with your child (if they’re old enough) and discuss what they’d like to wear and/or what they’d like to bring to their session. They may want to consider bringing a favorite toy, stuffed animal, blanket, or perhaps sports equipment, book or uniform from their chosen sport or other activity for the older kids.

If you have photo ideas, please let me know ahead of time and I can prepare for any unique attributes.



As well, if a location is special for you or your child, or if you would like to shoot in your own home, any of these location options are open to you. Let me know your preferences, or I can help you choose a place.

While based in St. Cloud, I will gladly travel to the Twin Cities or other nearby areas.

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Family Photography

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Senior Photography

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