Looking for engagement photography in St. Cloud, MN can be daunting. With a number of different styles and techniques available to you, you should be sure to ask yourself a few questions:

  • Am I looking for trendy or timeless?

  • Do I want photos which showcase what we’re wearing, or who we are?

  • Do I want to work with a photographer or a partner?

At Sweetie & Bean, my goal is to create timeless engagement photos which illuminate who you and your partner are together, just before committing yourselves to a lifetime of love. One of my greatest joys in life is getting to know you and your partner, your love story and what your future holds.

For creative, uniquely “you” portraits to enjoy for the decades to come, choose Sweetie & Bean engagement photography in St. Cloud, MN!

Engagement Photography In St. Cloud, MN

To have the best experience in engagement photography in St. Cloud, MN, discuss with your partner the types of photos you’d like before calling a single photographer. Your preference for posed, candid, formal or casual can help you narrow down photographer choices.

At Sweetie & Bean, I work to produce amazing candid and posed photos in outdoor, natural light environments as well as in your home with both natural and artificial light. Your preferences are paramount to how I structure the shoot.

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Engagement photos shouldn’t show how you look on the outside, but the love you feel on the inside. The best way to do that is to make sure you’re completely relaxed, so be sure to choose both clothing, accessories and locations which make you the most relaxed.

If you have specific locations in mind, like a park, downtown or your home, I’m glad to travel and shoot on location with natural light. There are tons of wonderful locations I’ve shot in across the greater St. Cloud area, so if you need advice let me know. Some common outdoor locations include:

  • Quarry Park;

  • St. John’s University and Arboretum;

  • downtown St. Cloud;

  • the bridge at Warner Lake; and,

  • Two Rivers Campground, among others.


We can also do couples portraits at your home or a relative’s land.

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