You may take pictures of your kids all the time, but when was the last time you were in a photo together? It’s important to make memories together with family photography, and remember the times you and your family spent all together.

Let’s be honest – how often is one kid at soccer practice, another staying the night at a friends house while your or your spouse plays chauffeur and the other works late? Cherish those times together and memorialize them with family photography.What To Expect: Family Photography

Depending on the age of your children, it’s important to get them excited about the photo session days in advance. Build it up as a fun event, and maybe plan a treat afterward like ice cream.

Be sure everyone has a full belly before your family photography session – hungry children, and adults, are less cooperative! If your children still nap, be sure they have a full nap that day.

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Be sure to time your family photography session around the time of year. If you’re hoping for a fun family photo shoot in the fall leaves, it may be best to shoot in the middle of the day to provide the most warmth for your family on the cold ground.

Whether you want traditional posed photos on the family porch, or extremely natural photos of everyone playing at the local park, you have plenty of options when it comes to choosing how you’d like your photos to look.

If you have photo ideas, please let me know ahead of time and I can be prepared.



Remember, neither you or I can control the weather, so it’s important to choose a secondary location out of the rain or snow. That may be a completely different, covered location or just a nearby gazebo, porch or building. You may prefer to shoot in your own home which is also a great option. Let me know your preferences, or I can help you choose a place.

While based in St. Cloud, I will travel to the Twin Cities or other nearby areas. Common outdoor locations near St. Cloud include the quarries, St. John’s University and Arboretum, Warner Lake Park, Bend in the River Park, Two Rivers Campground and others.

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Child Photography

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Senior Photography

Did your little one grow up too fast? We also offer senior photography services! Schedule now to get the best timeslot available, and learn more about our process here.