Whether your family includes multiple young children, or they’re all grown up with children of their own, family photography in St. Cloud, MN is important to tell the story of your life!

Don’t rely on candid photographs to fill your photo albums – Sweetie & Bean professional photography is able to capture those candid moments between family members, and create memorable portraits of the entire family, with everyone smiling and looking right at the camera as well!

Family Photography In St. Cloud, MN

Depending on the age of your children, it’s important to get them excited about the photo session days in advance. Build it up as a fun event, and maybe plan a treat afterward like ice cream.

Be sure everyone has a full belly before your family photography session – hungry children, and adults, are less cooperative! If your children still nap, be sure they have a full nap that day.

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Remember, neither you or I can control the weather, so it’s important to choose a secondary location out of the rain or snow. That may be a completely different, covered location or just a nearby gazebo, porch or building. You may prefer to shoot in your own home which is also a great option. Let me know your preferences for family photography in St. Cloud, MN and I can help you choose a great place.

Common outdoor locations include:

  • Quarry Park;

  • St. John’s University and Arboretum;

  • Warner Lake Park;

  • Bend in the River Park; and,

  • Two Rivers Campground, among others.


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