For maternity photography in St. Cloud, MN, I focus on understanding your unique story. I want to help freeze the way your family is growing and changing in time, wrap that memory up and present it to you for safekeeping. Your pregnancy is a beautiful time, and you should look just as radiant as you feel in your maternity photos.

The only thing more precious than the time you have with your baby inside you, is the child you’ll hold in your arms at the end.

Maternity Photography In St. Cloud, MN

Maternity photography is a beautiful thing. The moment you found out you were pregnant, your love for your baby has continued to grow exponentially. There’s nothing like it in the world and you’ll cherish this time forever.

I’m here to help capture this feeling, and make you feel as radiantly beautiful on the outside as you do within. My goal is to utilize the color and light available in the space around you and your outfit to capture your true essence through maternity photography in St. Cloud, MN.

A maternity photography session is typically scheduled from 30-35 weeks. I view our maternity session as the beginning of a beautiful, lifelong relationship. Get in touch today to start planning your maternity photography session!



If a location is special for you like a particular lake or park, or if you would like to shoot in your baby’s room, all of these location options are open to you. Let me know your preferences, or I can help you decide where you might be most comfortable depending on the season and your outfit choices.

In an outdoor setting, I’ll utilize as much natural light as possible, and use a combination of natural and artificial light in your own home.


Get in touch today to set up your session for maternity photography in St. Cloud, MN for the 30-35 week time frame of your pregnancy.